Helps you stop falls before they start...

Ambularm is a new concept in fall prevention.

When selected high-risk patients are in bed or a chair they simply wear a lightweight electronic alarm that is position-sensitve.

Whenever the patient moves towards a standing, kneeling, or crawling position, the alarm sounds automatically, summoning immediate assistance.

Ambularm is most effective as part of a complete fall-prevention program

For this reason, ALERT CARE, provides in-service training materials, including an 8 minute video presentation.

The Ambularm concept is a relatively inexpensive way to focus your staff's attention on the seriousness of patient falls. Ambularm brings awareness to: screening high risk fall persons, locating patients near the nursing station, siderail usage and other steps you are taking to deal with the problem.

It is, of course, possible to realize tangible savings through reduced patient injuries. In addition Ambularm also pays off in good will. It's one more way of showing patients and their families that you really care about their welfare.

And when you're dealing with people, that can be the biggest reward of all.




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